Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Sony Ericsson has decided to put the two Walkman and Cybershot brands together in the new Satio. This means an industry-leading camera, a full range of multimedia playback options and it's based on Symbian S60 5th edition to boot. The overall feel of the handset is odd. Thanks to the sheer range of camera-related gadgetry on board the rear of the phone has a massive camera section bolted to the back, which makes it a little chunky.There is a front facing video camera on there too for all that video calling fun everyone has these days, but it's down the sides of the phone where the button frenzy really begins. On the left-hand side is the slider for unlocking the phone (which is in just about the right place for most hands), the standard Sony Ericsson port for USB connection, charging and headphone connection (boo!). Below that lives the microSD slot, which is covered by a nice hinged flap. Over on the right side of the phone we get the camera controls, with the zoom buttons doubling as the volume up/down keys, despite having the 'proper' zoom icons on.The Satio is being tipped as a multimedia device, and to that end the box is filled with audio and visual goodies. We've already pointed out how very, very disappointed we are there's no 3.5mm headphone jack on the Satio, but Sony Ericsson has tried to temper that problem with a variety of headphone options in the box.

Saturday, December 19, 2009


Sri Lanka squared the five-mach series 1-1 by winning the day-night game in Nagpur by three wickets with five balls remaining.Captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni has been banned for two one-day international matches for his team's slow over rate in Friday's second ODI against Sri Lanka, the Indian cricket board said on Saturday. The match ended 45 minutes after scheduled time due to frequent discussions between the Indian players in the tight chase. "Dhoni has been given a sanction of a two-match man," Board of Control for Cricket in India secretary N. Srinivasan told Reuters. "I am yet to read the order."

The International Cricket Council is yet to make a formal announcement on the ban.Following the ban Dhoni will be unavailable for the third and fourth matches in Cuttack on Monday and in Kolkata on Thursday. The final match will be played in Delhi on Dec 27. The Indian team for the remaining three matches will be announced later on Saturday. As the Vice captain Yuvraj Singh is also injured, Virender Sehwag is likely to capatain the side for the next two matches. Dinesh Karthik, the wicket Keeper Batsman is likely to replace Dhoni for the next two matches. Dhoni's abscence will be a great drawback for the Indian side.

Friday, December 18, 2009


Movie made at a staggering half a billion dollars and promised amazing, never seen before visuals – you actually not know what to expect from this flick. I was blank as well, as I walked in to the theater wearing dark glasses thinking whether it was going to be a film that was just going to show graphics and graphics only and flush the story and narration down the sewer? Anything could happen, I told myself you save the disappointment, but coming from James Cameroon, I convinced myself that it would have a decent enough story and amazing visuals. Just like Terminator and Titanic – Both of them which had a pretty interesting story but even more appealing visuals and effects. Avatar reminds us about another great film Matrix that hit the screens 10 years back, probably when James Cameroon went to the floors with this film. Two bodies – one mind. Human Genome mixed with those of the humanoids of Pandora and so…. Well you kind of understand it even though you are sweating at the mention of few biological utterances. Our hero has Equivalent pandorian which he can control with his mind. His mission is to gain the natives of Pandora’s trust and negotiate deals with them for re locating them so that human’s can extract the precious stone worth 20 million Dollars. The stone has a very complicated name, so let’s just call it the precious stone.

Our hero finally befriends them , becomes one of them and just as when he is trying to understand them more deeply, He makes a confession on a video cam that it is very difficult to re locate the natives as they wouldn’t want to relocate. All hell breaks loose as the human’s led by a head strong major launch an offensive against their village that is on top of a tree. The tree (Their Village) is brought down and is smashed. The natives try to take revenge. This makes the entire chunk of the climax!On the whole, Avatar pretty much delivers what I expected out of it… A decent interesting story line and visuals I have not seen anywhere. It delivers it. It’s just right THERE. Skip the movie, if you want to kindle the cinephile in you.

Monday, December 7, 2009


Except for a few known faces including a cameo by Prakash Raj, the movie largely has debutants in the lead with Jayvanth playing the lead. The story is big enough to be scribbled in a post-it note. The protagonist earns the ire of a gangster after crossing roads with him but merits the love of his daughter. He goes on to make a movie with the help of his daughter but when it was ready for release, the enraged father pulls out all the stops to prevent it from screening. But in the process, he ends up with blood in his hand. Repenting for his act and seeking peace, he goes back to the slum and starts serving the poor who he earlier treated like slaves. Dramatic indeed. The movie heaves its way through the total duration with no specific drive in the plot. The screenplay is ridden with loopholes and the strictly so-so performances do nothing to improve the proceedings. Kanja Karuppu’s comedy induces yawn than laughter.

Your surprise of spotting Ilayaraja’s name in the opening credits remains just that, a surprise. Neither the songs nor the background score has any Ilayaraja stamp on it, surprisingly. And if that’s not enough, there’s another surprise in the name of Karthik Raja, he’s the cinematographer of the movie.The name Mathiya Chennai might evoke a sense of revulsion but the movie is not about repulsive gangsters or gang wars. It’s a rather plain story of love and loss that treads the same old path of love, vengeance, guilt and other dramatic emotions.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Who will wield the megaphone for Ajith Kumar’s 50th film?

Finally the wait is over. The actor Ajith Kumar is constantly going through script works of 3 filmmakers, he has finalized to work with for 50th film.

After much discussion actor Ajith Kumar finalized the filmmaker for his 50th film. The Ultimate Star Ajith Kumar 50th film will be produced by Dayanidhi Azhagiri’s Cloud Nine Pictures.

Ajith is willing to cast Venkat Prabu as the director for his 50th film after Venkat Prabu completes ‘Goa’ with his favorite team Premji, Jai and Vaibhav, Which is Produced by Soundarya Rajinikanth, the movie is based on real life incidents and his earlier style of filmmaking is said to have attracted Ajith.