Thursday, July 22, 2010

Mailboxes for home

We are in the modern world now and every communication is through internet. Technology has improved a lot which is really a good news. But we do often use the letters and other notices. So it is important to maintain mail boxes at the yard. We can find mailboxes for sale at many places. Even many companies are offering mailboxes for sale online. I found a online store which offers mailboxes for sale online. They offer large selections of mailbox for people who need to get high quality mailbox for sale. Also they provide locking mailboxes for sale which contains many options for security purposes. They offer from wall mount mailbox to drop boxes.

Being a distributor of high quality residential maiboxes and commercial mailboxes they have 2500 mailbox curbside decor products including high security locking mailbox system, address plaques and numbers. This is really a good news for many of the people all over the world. If u live in the individual houses or commercial complexes, the mailboxes will be of high use. This site can provide you with high security, knowledge, low prices and customer prices. There are many designs of mailboxes available in this site. So it is our responsibility to select the perfect mailbox for our home. Please feel free to visit this website for any queries.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Hosanna Lyrics - Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya

Yen idhayam udaithaai norungavey
en maruidhayam tharuven nee udaikave

Hoooo .... hosanna hosanna
Hoooo .... hosanna hosanna ..

Andha neram andhi neram kanpaarthu kanhdalagi ponaneram edho aache
Oh vaanam thendi vanhdachu appavin thittuellam kaatrodu poye poche
Hosanna en vaasal thandi ponaale
Hosanna verondrum seiyamale
nan aadi pogriren
aval pona pinbu endhan nejai thedipogiren

Ho ...sanna ...
Vazhvukum pakkam vandhen Ho .saana...
savumkum pakkam nindren Ho .saana..
enendral kadhal enben   Ho .saana..

Everybody wanna know be like be like,
I really wanna be here with you..
Is that enough to say that
we are made for each other is all that is *Hosaana* true

Hosaanna... be there when you are calling i will be there..
Hosaanna... be the life the whole life i share..
i never wanna be the same..
its time we re arrange i take a step,
you take a step and me calling out to you...

Helloooo... Hellooooo... Helloooo oooo
Ho.. Hosaanna... Hosaanna..
Ho.... Ho.. Hosaanna... Hosaanna.. Ho... Ho....

Vanna vanna pattu pochi poothedi poothedi
angum ingum alaihindradhey
oh sottu sottai thottu poga
vagam ondru ondruengngo nagarkindrathey
Hosaana - pattu poochi vandhacha ?
Hosaana - megam unnai thottacha ?
Kilinjal aagirai nan kulandhai agiren
nan unnai alli vaithu pothi kolkiren

Helloooo... Hellooooo... Helloooo oooo
Hosaana enmeedu anbu kolla
Hosaana ennodu serdhu sella
Hosaana hmm endru sollum podhu
Ho .. Hosaana....

Yen idhayam udaithaai norungavey
en maruidhayam tharume nee udaikave

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Usurae Poguthey - Ravanan Movie Lyrics

Intha Bhoomiyila Eppa Vanthu Nee Porantha
En Buthikula Theeporiya Nee Vethacha
Adi Thaeku Mara kaadu Perusuthaan
Chinna Theekuchi Osaram Sirusuthaan
Adi Thaeku Mara Kaadu Perusuthaan
Chinna Theekuchi Osaram Sirusuthaan
Oru Theekuchi Vizhuntha Pudikuthadi
Karunthaekumara Kaadu Vedikuthadi
Oosurae Poguthey Oosurae Poguthey
Odatha Nee Kondam Suzhikayila
Oooo Maaman Thavikiraen, Madipicha Kaekaraen
Manasathaadi En Manikuyilae
Akkarai Cheemaiyil Nee Irunthum
Aiviral Theenditha Nenaikuthadi
Agini Pazhamunu Therinjirunthum
Adikadi Naaku Thudikuthadi
Odambum Manasum Thooram Thooram
Otta Ninaika Aagala
Manasu Sollum Nalla Solla
Maaya Odambu Kaekala
Thaviya.. Thavichu..
Osur Thadam Kettu Thiriyudadi
Thayilanguruvi Enna Thalli Ninnu Sirukudadi..
Intha Mammutha Kiruku Theeruma
Adi Manthirichu Vitta Kozhi Maaruma
En Mayakatha Theethuvechu Manichudumaa..
Santhiranum Sooriyanum Suthi Orae Koatil Varuguthey
Sathiyamum Paththiyamum Ippa Thalaisuthi Kidakuthey
Oosurae Poguthey Oosurae Poguthey
Odatha Nee Kondam Suzhikayila
Oooo Maaman Thavikiraen, Madipicha Kaekaraen
Manasathaadi En Manikuyilae
Akkarai Cheemaiyil Nee Irunthum
Aiviral Theenditha Nenaikuthadi
Agini Pazhamunu Therinjirunthum
Adikadi Naaku Thudikuthadi
Intha Olagathil Ithu Onnum Puthusulla
Onnu Rendu Thappi Pogum Ozhukathula

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Everyone likes to keep their home clean and neat. Also maintaining a car and the home garden are also really tough works. Recently i came across a site which offers many tools which can help you in solving the above mentioned problems. I have never heard of electric pressure washers before for washing the car, however i was amazed when i saw this product in this site. It seems this product is  unique and and they have a  huge selection of incredible electric pressure washers. Garden maintenance can be done easily by mountfield lawnmower.

The mountfield EL350 is one of the best electric mountfield mowers for small garden. It's very quiet, and easy to control in the work area. Lawnmower need to have a machine which light weight for easy to use and move in various area such as slope or corner. Also mountfield petrol lawnmowers can be used for a larger area. Just take the time to find the right size and type for your garden. Also they provide generators and other heating machineries. Please feel free to visit their website.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Vijay's Kavalkaran movie- Latest story and news

Vijay is ready for the next film after the release of the film Sura. Lingusamy is the director of this film and Vidyasagar is the music director for this film. Vijay’s 51st movie Kavalkaran shooting  is currently going on in full swing in Karaikkudi and Kumbakonam regions of Tamil nadu. Asin plays the part of the heroine and she joins with vijay for the third time in movies. Raj Kiran plays Asin dad’s role in the film. The latest news we hear from the crew is that Roja will pair up with Raj Kiran to play Asin mom’s mom. The other cast of Kavalkaran includes Vadivelu, and MS Bhaskar while music for the film has been scored by Vidyasagar. Kavalkaran is expected to be a remake of the malayalam film ‘Bodyguard’. Music director is Vidyasagar and he is ready with the compositions for six songs. Vijay and Asin along the other crew members are shooting for the introductory song and some important sequences of the film at these locations.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ravan songs free download

1. Beera Beera – Vijay Prakash

2. Behne De – Karthik

3. Kata Kata – Ila Arun, Sapna Awasthi, Kunal Ganjawala

4. Khilli Re – Reena Bhardwaj

5. Madhuban Chor – Asha Bhonsle, Chitra Sivaraman

6. Ranjha Ranjha – Rekha Bhardwaj, Javed Ali

7. Thok De Killi – Sukhwinder Singh

8. Pairon Pe Jannat Hai – Lucky Ali.

Cast: Abhishek Bachchan, Vikram, Aishwarya Bachchan, Govinda, Prabhu, Karthik Muthuraman, Priyamani, Bipasha Basu, Munna, Kishore, Manisha Koirala, Ravi Kishan,Nikhil Dwivedi, Vaiyapuri

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My Love????

i loved her
she loved me madly
it was for more than four years
we loved truly
she was frightened that her parents wont accept
reason caste problem
finally the situation came
her parents especially her mom didnt accept
i tried to convince
but could not
i tried calling her
she didnt pick up
i mailed her office id
still no response
i followed her cab till office
she acted as though sleeping without noticing me
i called her office land line
she made someone lie that she was not there
still what do you expect me to do
has your parents brain washed you
or threatened you
i am standing here without any clue left
but it wont be fair to disturb her once more
even after knowing she is avoiding me
how can i stand or follow and disturb
if being without me is happy for you
do it with pleasure
good bye for you
my love????

Sunday, April 25, 2010


Games are always quite interesting to play. Many types of games are evolved everyday. It is quite common that the online games have become one of the best form of entertainment to the gamers. The casino games have become increasingly popular along with the growth of online games. Many of us use those sites not only for gaining knowledge but also for earning money. If you are crazy about online games then you know many of the online casino gambling sites. I came across a site today which offers best Casino. They also provide the gamers with a list of the most popular casino rooms which has attracted a large volume of casino playing population. To know more information please feel free to visit this site.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Sachin Tendulkar - One of the Die Hard Sachin fan here

Today is Sachin Tendulkar’s Birthday. “Happy Bithday Sachin”. Even many of the stars wished sachin. The Ipl best batsmen award was collected by nita ambani on behalf of sachin. ‘Wish you a very happy birthday and we wish to see many more hundreds, many more 200s actually,’ Shilpa Shetty, owner of Rajasthan Royals IPL team, told reporters at the IPL awards, hosted by director-producer Karan Johar here at Grand Hyatt hotel.Shilpa was present along with her husband Raj Kundra.

Actor Arjun Rampal said: ‘I wish him that he never gete older and keeps playing for the country.’ Actress Amrita Rao said that she fell in love with the game because of Sachin. ‘It’s because of Sachin I started taking interest in the game and finally fell in love with cricket. I am really, really so proud of his consistent career and I wish him all the best,’ said Amrita.

Friday, April 23, 2010


Everyone has the dream to buy a car. Buying car and car accessories is not an easy task. Its really difficult to find all the accessories at a single place. Recently i came across a site which offers all the truck and auto accessories. Through online, you can find various internet portals that can help you in getting good truck racks  and other accessories for affordable prices. They have wide range of mud flaps and front hitches; so that you can choose the one that you think the best for your needs.

The best part of this website is that you can find any item by just entering their name in the search box that is available in the website.Mud flaps keep your precious truck away from dirt and it is a absolute necessity in rainy season. I really found some great looking models in this website. Also they offer splash guards which can be very useful for the trucks and cars. Apart from racks, they also offers floor mats, LED light bars, hitches, bull bars, mufflers etc. You can easily narrow down the item by price, style, material and brand. The main profit is that now they are giving offers on products. The diesel exhausts, for instance, is one of performance enhancing products provided here.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Safety First

Safety is important at all places. Accidents may happen in seconds and if your protected well you can sustain with small injuries else it may end fatally. The safety equipments may be shoes, work  gloves, glasses etc. The primary purpose of shoes like the work boots is to protect your feet and prevent injury. Selecting the proper shoes and the quality are most important. There are many choices of places which you can use as important solution in urgent time and I believe you should know how to choose the best place with reputation. If you miss to get this one you should use the right way to search the best place.

I came across a site which offers all these safety materials at a single place and i would share the experience with all. Carhartt gloves are also available here which are branded and protects the hands during accidents. The most difficult part in buying a womens Carhartt clothing is selecting the proper size because it must not be too loose or tight. there are thousand of different varieties of gloves and carhartt clothing are available here. The main thing in choosing construction clothing and safety gear is the purpose and function. Both must lead to safety and convenience. So select wisely and ensure safety.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Everyone cheated me

I loved many things in my life
But never i attained anything
May be they were with me temporarily
but all failed to be with me forever
never i got a true love
the persons whom i trusted to be with me forever
gave me so much pain and left me
i don even have a clue of what is going in their mind
they never tried to contact me
even when i tried to contact them, they ignored
life fucks a lot
the person who was mad on me
cheated and tried and hate me and behaved so cheap
not only did they hurt me they killed me to the core
i am never happy
i can try to contact them
but its not fair
when they look for their family welfare
then y should i interfere
they too loved the way i loved them
so love is not artificial
if i suffer now in their absence
and if they too loved me truly
then they too will feel the heat and pain
but i suffer a lot now and you have left me alone in the world
where i cant face anything and cant march to success
but you be happy
Die Hard

Jungle book returns

Everyone will rememeber the jungle book. Children's favourite jungle hero Mowgli, Baloo the bear and panther Bagheera will soon return to the small screen in a new hi-tech avatar.The BBC will broadcast the new adaptation of Rudyard Kipling's classic ''The Jungle Book'', which has been made in India at the cost of 8 million pounds. It is the first animated version of the stories since the hugely popular 1967 Disney feature film but has been created by computer instead of being hand-drawn. The BBC bought the programmes in a 1 million pounds deal with Indian independent production company DQ Entertainment. The 52-part series will air on Children''s BBC later this year.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tips abour loans

Business Loans are really needed to start business. Business Loans nowadays can be obtained easily online depending on the credit line of your company.There is a company that offers Small Business Financing and you do not need collateral. You can get Small Business Loans or a Business Line of Credit also and it only takes 30 seconds to apply.Starting business with loan is the only opportunity left for people. All you have to do is applying those loans while planning your business. Business Loan is very different than personal loan because this is not used to be consumptive behavior like many personal loan used for.

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Monday, April 19, 2010

Better Casino

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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Lowest price

There are a lot of online sites which offer shopping facilities. One such site which is considered to be The #1 online Rx glasses store is zenniopticals and they offer Lowest Price Progressive Glasses. If you still have some doubts you can very well browse the site in detail or read Eric's Review of Zenni Optical site. Their brand new design of eyeglasses not only suits your smart looking but also fits any of your stylish outfit.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sachin says no to T20 world cup

Sachin Tendulkar is a difficult man to dislodge from the wicket and from his decision. As voices rose in unision urging him to play for India in the forthcoming T20 World Cup, the Master Blaster on Tuesday made it clear that he will stick to his stand of not playing Twenty2o internationals. Former India skipper Sunil Gavaskar had told CNN-IBN last night that Tendulkar should make himself available for the ICC World T20 in the Caribbean next month, but Sachin is not biting. He told CNN-IBN that he will not play the tournament. The team for T20 world cup will be selected on Friday and Tendulkar does not feature in the list of the 30 probables. Tendulkar had decided in 2007 to not play Twenty20 internationals and he said he was going to stick to that stand and that he did not see any issue in this.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

IPL 3 2010 Winner?

Ipl 3 season has begun and all the matches are quite exciting. Who will win this IPL season – This is the question raised in the minds of all the people. As per the prediction, the team that remains last in the previous season has come strong to lift the cup. It happened last time too. Bangalore and the Deccan finished last in the first IPl season but they reached the finals of the second season and Deccan won the cup last time. In the last season KKR and Mumbai completed last in the points table. So KKR or Mumbai may win the cup this time.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Die Hard

I was happy during the days when i was with you
the small small fights never mattered
because i was always held tight
with your posessiveness and affection
when i started scolding you
tears rolled out of your eyes
which killed me and made me feel
how affectionate you were
the love affection and everything
i did more good to you
how can you leave me and go
though it may be a small separation
i cant bear that my dear
i am dying hard without you

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Love Kills

I always feel u here,
Whenever you are not near…

These flowers have lost their fragrance,
Trying to express the grief of your absence…

Can always see your face in moon,
Just trying to console my heart that we will meet soon…

Closing my eyes can always see you,
My dreams are never complete without you.

Those nights which we have spent together,
Will never let those moments to wither…

Remembering your eyes which were so pure,
Will never let forget it; and that is for sure…

Cherish those memories whenever I m alone,
But sometime the same compel me to moan…

Relation of ours doesn’t have a name,
But the love for you, in my heart will never change…

I have loved you from the bottom of my heart,
Sending you hugs and kisses wherever you are…

Everything goes still whenever you are not here,
But the best part of my life starts whenever you are near…

I always feel you here,
Whenever you are not near….

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

From heart

I never thought of hurting u
but i never tried to justify myself
but the way you behaved and treated me pains a lot
I always ran at the back of u
that doesnt mean that i had no work at all
Nothing is more important than you
The memories of you kills me a lot
but i will get used to that
you be happy atleast
I am on leave at home
but those memories when we were both together
Kills me a lot
At the core of my heart i can say I LOVE U

Monday, March 15, 2010

Nithyananda admits his relation with actress Ranjitha-says some scenes true and some morphed in video- Latest News

Swami Nithyananda  said that he has seen the heights of fame and name and he knows the ups and downs in his life. Swamiji admitted that Ranjitha was his devotee since very long time and added that she is and still will be his devotee. He complained that his personal life was very much misinterpreted and he feels very sad and does not want to make any more comments unless the truth comes out. He said that a part of the video has his presence but later on it is morphed. He said that the video has been forwarded for further research and he does not wish to make any comments before that.

Swami Paramahamsa Nithyananda said that Ranjitha and her family were his devotees since very long and Ranjitha was there with him since he was sick, looking after him. He said that he did not ask her to do the same but she voluntarily did it. But to wind up, he said he believe that in life where he do not have any lust and that he do not have any need for the other person.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Feel my love

i can never forget the days when we were together
i can never forget the moments
we loved so madly
we fought so badly
but we talked everyday eventhough we fought
but now the separation kills my dear
no mode to contact you
no means to see u
but i can say i love you madly still
Just feel my love

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sachin scores double ton - quotes about sachin

Sachin Tendulkar is the god of cricket and no one can match him. The 36-year-old bludgeoned 25 fours and three sixes in his fearless knock as India reached an astonishing 401 for the cost of three wickets from their 50 overs. The previous highest score in an ODI was 194 not out, compiled by Charles Coventry for Zimbabwe against Bangladesh last year, and by Pakistan's Saeed Anwar against India back in 1997, and Tendulkar passed that mark in the 46th over before he set about reaching his 200. Tendulkar, whose previous best score in a limited-overs match was his unbeaten 186 against New Zealand in 1999, is already the leading run-scorer in Test and ODI cricket and was playing in his 442nd one-day international.

He faced 147 balls and hit three sixes and 25 fours and has now made 46 one-day centuries to go with 47 in Tests and needs just seven more to complete a hundred hundreds. Tendulkar said: "I'd like to dedicate this innings to the people of India who have supported me in my career for the past 20 years. "I was striking and timing it well but it wasn't until I got past 175 with a few overs remaining I started to think the 200 was on."  Great stars like Shane Warne, Rameez Raja, Sunil Gavaskar, Srikanth, Ravi Shastri, Bedi, Sangakara etc has praised sachin. The Prime minister of India, Chief ministers, President have praised sachin and congratulated sachin. We all are proud to be indians and sachin fans.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Be strong in love else dont ever love

Hi friends!! many of the younsters fall in love but finally many of their love ends in separation. Nowadays this love failure is on the increase. Boys feel the girl cheated him and the viceversa. But the truth is girls are not confident in their love. Of course i do agree that some girls are strong in love. Boys usually behave the same way from the beginning to the end. But the girls while loving they feel they can convince their parents and they enjoy in love. But when their parents start looking for the alliance they feel the dignity of their parents gets spoiled because of their love and starts confusing. Then they talk with their lover and say it wont suit them and also their parents wont accept their love and end their love. The worst affected in this issue is the boy. He plans much and imagines a life with his lover but all gets spoiled because of her. One thing which i dont understand is why dont the girls think this before loving. A girl or a boy can think a lot before loving but once after loving they must never think whether they should continue or not. But many girls are not doing this. So please think 100 times before loving but dont even think a single time after loving. This can prevent love failures and suicides.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Adding Beauty to bathroom

Bathroom is given a  special importance in everyone's home. Nice bathroom can give us the pleasure to relax and feel fresh. You can enjoy in the bathroom and you can think of ideas to make your bathroom beautiful. You can take a hot shower, wash your face, brush your teeth, clean your feet or simply just unwind in the bathtub. Making bathroom beautiful can sound crazy but i will express my views here.

The first thing we can consider is the underfloor heating to warm up the floor and that will keep the feet warm after a good shower. When its wintertime, a bathroom radiators will help heat the water so there is no longer wait heating it up. I came across a site named fountaindirect where they give many solutions regarding showers and other bathroom furnitures. The mira mixer showers is the highlight of the site and it can make your bathroom attractive.

Many designs of mira showers are available from which you can select your choice. Also at present you can avail discounted mira showers. Electric mira showers are also available which attracts many customers. Also many brands of products are also available in the site.I will definitely suggest the website to many of my friends because they offer discount and free delivery on some products. You can also browse by brands and choose the style and design you want.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Ajith' Speech at Kalaignar's Function

Many top stars like Amitabh Bachan , Rajnikanth and almost all the cine world were present in the function to convey their heartfelt gratitude to the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu Mr. M Karunanidhi for granting land for housing proposal for film industry workers at the Nehru Stadium. Ajith made a frank appeal to the CM that film fraternity should not be arm twisted to attend such political and social events. He said, “They want us to attend such events and at the same time are against us joining politics.”  The CM had replied in his speech that art and politics should not be mixed and no one must compel in issues like this.    Read More

Nokia 5330 Mobile TV Edition - Features and price

Nokia 5330 is a mobile edition launched in India and the cost of the mobile is around Rs.10000/- in many cities.

Features of the mobile:

  •      Display:2.4 inches TFT, 16M colors,240 x 320 pixels,
  •      3.5 mm audio jack
  •      Dedicated touch music keys
  •      Memory Internal:70 MB
  •      Card slot:microSD (TransFlash), up to 16GB, 2GB included
  •      3G 384 kbps
  •      WiFi:No
  •      Bluetooth v2.1 with A2DP
  •      microUSB
  •      Camera:3.15 MP, 2048×1536 pixels, enhanced fixed focus
  •      Stereo FM radio with RDS
  •      Colors:Glossy Black, Glossy White
  •      GPS with A-GPS support; Nokia Maps
  •      MP3/MP4/eAAC+/WMA player
  •      Battery : Li-Ion 1000 mAh (BL-4U)
  •      Stand-by:Up to 350 h
  •      Talk time:Up to 7 h 42 min
  •      Music play:Up to 26 h
  •      Dimensions:101 x 48 x 14 mm
  •      Weight:113 g

Friday, February 5, 2010

Features of nokia 5235 mobile

The nokia 5235 is expected to be launched in first quarter of 2010. It is expectd to be launched in Delhi, hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai and the price of the mobile is not known.

  • Network: 2G Network GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 ; 3G Network HSDPA 900 / 2100
  • HSDPA 850 / 1900 or HSDPA 850 / 2100
  • Size: Dimensions 111 x 51.7 x 15.5 mm, 83 cc
  • Weight 115 g
  • Display Size 360 x 640 pixels, 3.2 inches ; Type TFT resistive touchscreen, 16M colors
  • Internal memory 70 MB storage, microSD card slot up to 16GB
  • GPRS Class 32 ; EDGE Class 32 ; 3G HSDPA, 3.6 Mbps
  • Bluetooth : v2.0 with A2DP
  • USB : v2.0 microUSB
  • Camera: Primary 2 MP, 1600×1200 pixels with VGA@30fps ; No Secondary camera
  • Stereo FM radio with RDS
  • Standard battery, Li-Ion 1320 mAh(BL-5J)
  • Stand-by time Up to 458 hours (2G) / Up to 438 hours (3G)
  • Talk time Up to 7 hours (2G) / Up to 4 hours 18 min (3G)
  • Music play Up to 33 hours

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Nokia 2710 Classic

The price of the mobile is expected to be around Rs.8000 in major cities like chennai, kolkatta, delhi, mumbai.

Key Features:

    * 2.2-inch display screen
    * MP3 player
    * Ovi Mail
    * 2GB memory card
    * 2-megapixel camera
    * 3.5mm AV connector
    * FM radio
    * Four hours and 20 minutes talk time
    * 18 days standby time
    * GPRS
    * GPS
    * Turn-by-turn driving directions with voice guidance
    * Point-to-point straight line navigation with a digital compass
    * Pre-loaded Nokia Maps and regional maps

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Shop for Golf

Everyone likes to play games. Some likes to play cricket, volleyball and even some likes to play online games. I like to play cricket  but here i would like to share some of the details regarding Golf. Just like cricket and teniss we know that it’s a sport but we dont have that much interest towards golf. Surely it is not a popular sport for the masses. I haven’t heard a lot about the people who is really into golf. I too know a very few people in golf except for Tiger Woods.  Also its not  within the average level for the common people and definitely they  can’t afford it. Also its difficult to find a Golfshop where you can buy all the items related to golf.

I recently came across a site on the Golf shop  and i would like to share the information with all. I know it sounded ridiculous but I find golf to be a very peaceful sport. If you are the athletic beginners of those who have already once demonstrated a golf taster course, the Power golf course which is incorporates the substance of the Championship course will be perfect for your need. It is important for obtaining the Green Card for those whom his own time frame which is the Golf Platzreife placed with individual coaching. Their handicap course is very popular because you have got here yourself enough time to develop your personal training strategies without time pressure in golf academic. It is an ideal place for everything around the game of golf which you can also find under the supervision of trained golf professionals.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Goa Movie review

Goa has come good and it is a good film to watch out with familes. Goa implies pleasurable holiday spot and when there is a young team like Venkat Prabhu’s at work, it is easy to place the genre of the film. Jai, Premji and Vaibhav are three naughty friends in a village whose antics lead the village naattamai to impose ban on their communication and interaction with each other. Not withstanding this, the friends escape to Madurai where they see Jai’s mediocre friend happily settled in marital bliss with a white woman. This sets them off on a trip to Goa to seek a life like Jai’s friend. The events that follow their escapade form the rest of the film. The birth of Premji as God’s gift is shown as a spoof from many old Tamil films. His frolics are enjoyable especially in the scene where he mimics Vettaikaran Vijay. The song ‘puli urumudu’ as a backdrop when he fights with the baddies and when he imitates Baba Rajnikanth increase the comedy quotient and bring the roof down. On his part Vaibhav with his weakness for women but suffering at the hands of Sneha has done well. Similarly Jai trying to speak in his broken English tickle funny bones. It is a laugh riot sans logical reasoning in these sequences.

Simbu, Prasanna and Nayanthara share a scene each. Pia is adequate. Sampath and Arvind Akash as gay couple (first for a Tamil film?) have performed well. Sampath is brilliant and gathers all the accolades. The scene where he clarifies his relationship with Premji to Arvind Akash moves the audience but the acceptance of their relationship by Tamil audience is uncertain. The issues and the ensuing dialogues when Premji comes in between this relationship have been stretched and blown out of proportion which could have been avoided.Venkat Prabhu’s screen play appears to be bewildered at times whether to travel on the comedy track or the serious one. The audience is left to judge for themselves. Adequate care in this department would have made a huge positive difference to the film. There is some respite when it comes to the characterization of Sneha as there is a suspense element tagged with it.

Thursday, January 28, 2010


A good news for the youngsters is that no more firing in the companies. Hiring will start rather than firing. A PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) survey of 1,200 chief executives in 52 countries found 39 per cent of industry bosses aimed to increase headcount in 2010, while 25 per cent planned more job cuts, down from nearly half who slashed jobs last year.Business confidence is bouncing back after the sharpest drop in economic activity since World War Two, prompting more industry leaders to start hiring again, according to a survey on Wednesday.Job creation plans, however, remain small-scale and largely concentrated in emerging markets, where the economic recovery has been strongest and wages are lower. Growth hopes in the developed world remain markedly more subdued, the study found. The survey was released on the opening day of the World Economic Forum, where 2,500 of the world's business and political elite are meeting in the wake of the economic crisis. Markets have been buoyed by $5 trillion of cheap money, designed to float the global economy off the rocks, but as governments and central banks prepare exit strategies many business leaders see only a slow recovery. Companies have eased up on layoffs but remain reluctant to hire beyond the minimum needed to deal with the weak upturn.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


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SBI is providing great employment oppurtunities in 2010. Written examination is held on 07.03.2010 for the recruitment of probationary officers in associate banks of SBI.It invites the applications from eligible Indian Citizens for appointment as Probationary Officers in State Bank of India (SBI). Candidates selected for existing vacancies are liable to be posted anywhere in India. Online application are also invited.

The candidate should have passed General Candidates and others - 60% or more marks in class XII and 55% or more marks in Graduation or Post Graduation and SC/ST/PWD Candidates - 55% or more marks in class XII and 50% or more marks in Graduation or Post Graduation.Not below 21 years and not above 30 years as on 01.07.2009. Relaxation in the Upper Age Limit to Reserve category candidate’s Upper age is relaxable by 3 years in the case of OBC candidates.

Selection Procedure:
The Candidates will be called for an objective type examination. The objective type examination will consist of i) Reasoning Ability Test, ii) Quantitative Aptitude, iii) General Awareness/Computer Knowledge, iv) English Language. Question paper will be in bilingual form i.e. in Hindi and English except the test of English language.

 How to apply:
All applications for the post will be registered online. The online applications will be registered before the last date. The Candidates are required to go to any CBS branch of State Bank of India and pay the amount of fees and get receipt from the branch.

To apply online visit


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How to promote your brand new website?

There is no end for a website you should constantly maintain it throughout the year. You should not deviate from the main theme of your website. Weekly maintenance includes tasks like updating pictures, news, ads etc. Regular maintenance includes maintaining calendar events, replying to comments etc. Annual maintenance includes renewing domain names, certification etc. You should check links in and out of your website is ok. Its not a good idea to keep a broken links in your website, because it will reduce your website popularity. But the most important thing to remember is to constantly visit and comment or your visitors blog also. That's one good way of making sure your blog gets the traffic it needs. Maintaining a successful website isn't but once you do it right, you'll be amazed at the number of visitors you get on a daily basis.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Actually what is web directory?

Most of the people think that web directory is a search engine. Actually web directory is not a search engine and it does not display lists of web pages based on keywords; instead, it lists web sites by category and subcategory. Web directory is also known as link directory. Web directory is a directory on the World Wide Web. It specializes in linking to other web sites and categorizing those links. The categorization is usually based on the whole web site rather than one page or a set of keywords, and sites are often limited to inclusion in only a few categories. Web directories often allow site owners to directly submit their site for inclusion, and have editors review submissions for fitness.

Directories have various features in listing; often depend upon the price paid for inclusion:

  • Free submission : Here there is no charge for the review and listing of the site.
  • Reciprocal link: Here the User should link back to the directory, must be added somewhere on the submitted site in order to get listed in the directory.
  • Paid submission : Here one-time or recurring fee is charged for reviewing/listing the submitted link.
  • Featured listing: Here the link is given a premium position in a category (or multiple categories) or other sections of the directory, such as the homepage. Sometimes called sponsored listing.
  • Affiliate links: where the directory earns commission for referred customers from the listed websites.

Most of the people around the world are looking to have a web site, so that they can run an online business or using internet as marketing campaign.

To run an online business, the website must have more popularity. Certainly the most effective method of online marketing is depends upon visitors, Page rank, Popularity, Etc. The best way to get your website known and ranked higher in the search engines is by submitting your website to web directory. By submitting your site to SEO friendly web directory your web site will get more popular and also get high quality page rank.

Certainly, the most popular web directories around the internet are DMOZ Web directory and Yahoo directory. Finding good quality web directories and submitting your website will not only helps in increasing your website popularity but also helps you running your website for long time.

At present in internet there are thousands of web directories and most of the directories are very general in extent and it is also very important that you are submitting your web site to the quality web directories.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Tribute to Jyoti Basu

The entire nation mourns to Jyoti Basu's death.Jyoti Basu passes away at 95.The state government has declared a two-day state mourning and a paid state holiday on Monday in all government offices. The national flag would fly at half-mast atop all government offices and establishments.

State Chief Secretary Ashok Mohan Chakraborty said all non-government offices and educational institutions had been requested to declare a holiday. A state funeral will be held on Tuesday. Leaders from across the world are likely to arrive in Kolkata to pay tributes to Basu. Representatives of Communist parties in China, Cuba and Venezuela including other leaders like Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will attend the funeral.

Jyoti Basu would have finished 70 years in politics on January 1, 2010. But it was on that day he was admitted to hospital never to come out again.Kolkata-based leaders thronged the hospital on Sunday morning. CPM general secretary Prakash Karat was there and others like Brinda Karat have left for Kolkata. Renowned filmmaker, Mrinal Sen visited the hospital to pay his tributes. As did Union Minister and Trinamool Congress leader Mamata Banerjee.

President Pratibha Patil, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Congress President Sonia Gandhi have condoled Jyoti Basu's death.

The entire nation condoles for Jyoti Basu's death.

Monday, January 11, 2010


Nokia mini n97 consists of many additional features compared to n97 model. The price of the mobile is EuroNokiaN97Mini 450. Nokia n97 mini is 4.4inches tall and 0.5 inch  thick. It also have touchscreen as that of n97(3.2 inch).Like nokia n97 ,it also comes out with qwerty keyboard layout for easy typing. Apart from above features Nokia N97 series promise to give a true social networking features that include enhance face book and Flickr experience. Nokia N 97 mini is expandable up to 32 GB memory card which also make it a multi media device. Though iPhone users might not like the touch screen functionality of Nokia n97 in comparison to iPhone because it lack the much desired smooth scrolling, but QWERTY keyboard is an added advantage to it.okia n97 mini is not much smaller than the original nokia n97.The all new nokia n97 mini can also run new softwares and also have home screen widgets.It also have more social networking tools.As in nokia n97,nokia n97 mini also have a new version of OVI which offers new services like lonely planet,michelin,wcities and OVI maps.It also have a 5 megapixel camera and 8 gb onboard memory.It also have WiFi and bluetooth.

Here are some of the features of Nokia n97 mini which might make you go for it :

* 8 Gb memory
* 3.2 Touch screen
* QWERTY keyboard
* Sport life casting with OVI
* Integrated AGPS
* 28 hour music playback