Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Everyone cheated me

I loved many things in my life
But never i attained anything
May be they were with me temporarily
but all failed to be with me forever
never i got a true love
the persons whom i trusted to be with me forever
gave me so much pain and left me
i don even have a clue of what is going in their mind
they never tried to contact me
even when i tried to contact them, they ignored
life fucks a lot
the person who was mad on me
cheated and tried and hate me and behaved so cheap
not only did they hurt me they killed me to the core
i am never happy
i can try to contact them
but its not fair
when they look for their family welfare
then y should i interfere
they too loved the way i loved them
so love is not artificial
if i suffer now in their absence
and if they too loved me truly
then they too will feel the heat and pain
but i suffer a lot now and you have left me alone in the world
where i cant face anything and cant march to success
but you be happy
Die Hard


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