Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My Love????

i loved her
she loved me madly
it was for more than four years
we loved truly
she was frightened that her parents wont accept
reason caste problem
finally the situation came
her parents especially her mom didnt accept
i tried to convince
but could not
i tried calling her
she didnt pick up
i mailed her office id
still no response
i followed her cab till office
she acted as though sleeping without noticing me
i called her office land line
she made someone lie that she was not there
still what do you expect me to do
has your parents brain washed you
or threatened you
i am standing here without any clue left
but it wont be fair to disturb her once more
even after knowing she is avoiding me
how can i stand or follow and disturb
if being without me is happy for you
do it with pleasure
good bye for you
my love????


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