Monday, January 11, 2010


Nokia mini n97 consists of many additional features compared to n97 model. The price of the mobile is EuroNokiaN97Mini 450. Nokia n97 mini is 4.4inches tall and 0.5 inch  thick. It also have touchscreen as that of n97(3.2 inch).Like nokia n97 ,it also comes out with qwerty keyboard layout for easy typing. Apart from above features Nokia N97 series promise to give a true social networking features that include enhance face book and Flickr experience. Nokia N 97 mini is expandable up to 32 GB memory card which also make it a multi media device. Though iPhone users might not like the touch screen functionality of Nokia n97 in comparison to iPhone because it lack the much desired smooth scrolling, but QWERTY keyboard is an added advantage to it.okia n97 mini is not much smaller than the original nokia n97.The all new nokia n97 mini can also run new softwares and also have home screen widgets.It also have more social networking tools.As in nokia n97,nokia n97 mini also have a new version of OVI which offers new services like lonely planet,michelin,wcities and OVI maps.It also have a 5 megapixel camera and 8 gb onboard memory.It also have WiFi and bluetooth.

Here are some of the features of Nokia n97 mini which might make you go for it :

* 8 Gb memory
* 3.2 Touch screen
* QWERTY keyboard
* Sport life casting with OVI
* Integrated AGPS
* 28 hour music playback

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  1. Nokia N97 mini has lots of improvements. The design and features are quite satisfying. Qwerty keyboard is very easy and comfortable. It has 5 mp camera and the image quality is quite decent. It has all features like 3g, bluetooth, GPS, camera etc. The call quality is really good. The only negative point is the bad user interface. For more details refer Nokia N97 mini review