Monday, March 15, 2010

Nithyananda admits his relation with actress Ranjitha-says some scenes true and some morphed in video- Latest News

Swami Nithyananda  said that he has seen the heights of fame and name and he knows the ups and downs in his life. Swamiji admitted that Ranjitha was his devotee since very long time and added that she is and still will be his devotee. He complained that his personal life was very much misinterpreted and he feels very sad and does not want to make any more comments unless the truth comes out. He said that a part of the video has his presence but later on it is morphed. He said that the video has been forwarded for further research and he does not wish to make any comments before that.

Swami Paramahamsa Nithyananda said that Ranjitha and her family were his devotees since very long and Ranjitha was there with him since he was sick, looking after him. He said that he did not ask her to do the same but she voluntarily did it. But to wind up, he said he believe that in life where he do not have any lust and that he do not have any need for the other person.


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