Saturday, February 13, 2010

Be strong in love else dont ever love

Hi friends!! many of the younsters fall in love but finally many of their love ends in separation. Nowadays this love failure is on the increase. Boys feel the girl cheated him and the viceversa. But the truth is girls are not confident in their love. Of course i do agree that some girls are strong in love. Boys usually behave the same way from the beginning to the end. But the girls while loving they feel they can convince their parents and they enjoy in love. But when their parents start looking for the alliance they feel the dignity of their parents gets spoiled because of their love and starts confusing. Then they talk with their lover and say it wont suit them and also their parents wont accept their love and end their love. The worst affected in this issue is the boy. He plans much and imagines a life with his lover but all gets spoiled because of her. One thing which i dont understand is why dont the girls think this before loving. A girl or a boy can think a lot before loving but once after loving they must never think whether they should continue or not. But many girls are not doing this. So please think 100 times before loving but dont even think a single time after loving. This can prevent love failures and suicides.


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