Thursday, February 4, 2010

Nokia 2710 Classic

The price of the mobile is expected to be around Rs.8000 in major cities like chennai, kolkatta, delhi, mumbai.

Key Features:

    * 2.2-inch display screen
    * MP3 player
    * Ovi Mail
    * 2GB memory card
    * 2-megapixel camera
    * 3.5mm AV connector
    * FM radio
    * Four hours and 20 minutes talk time
    * 18 days standby time
    * GPRS
    * GPS
    * Turn-by-turn driving directions with voice guidance
    * Point-to-point straight line navigation with a digital compass
    * Pre-loaded Nokia Maps and regional maps


  1. Dear Mr/Miss,

    I inquire technical specification for Nokia 2710 Navigation Edition mobile. especially standby and talk time.

    On your web site;
    Standby time 432 hours,Talk time 4 hours 20 minutes.

    But, Standby time 490 hours, Talk Time 12 hours 30 minutes on Nokia web sites. ( )
    Which data is the ight?
    Where did you get this information ?
    If you support me, I will be happy?

    Best Regards.

  2. Sorry, I think, this windows was for mail to you.

  3. I made a mistake for Nokia 2710. I want to ask to editor for Nokia. I didn't want to write comment. Sorry.